What’s up!

Its been a year since I have had the opportunity to post in my blog. I apologize for being so slack with writing. However its been a very busy year! There’s been a few changes since I last posted. This past year I was signed with BME STUDIOS CANADA as an artist. That wonderful connection has enabled me to provide a radio show through BME RADIO ONLINE called CARLA’S COUNTRY MILE. I developed this radio show to promote independent artists who do not get as much airplay as the commercial artists do. I couldn’t believe how many artists I actually knew from all of my travels throughout Canada. A country mile is about the long journey we all take to have our music heard and supported. I play almost all genres.

Coming up we will be doing live shows at venues when requested for a donation to BME Radio Online to help us help you. I will be having live bands come into my kitchen studio to play live for you. I’ll be posting a lot more often now that I have settled down a bit. But that is it for now and we will see you all soon!