If you think that’s bad!

The Struggle Is Real 

Have you ever become so busy that you feel like you need your own staff? Well I feel ya there! Its been a very busy year for me. Its just too bad busy doesn’t always turn into profit. Stay at home mom’s get that! I know you do! Well the same thing happens to artists and entrepreneurs. Much of what has kept me busy this year has been playing music. There does get to a point where some days you don’t enjoy it much anymore, mostly because your exhausted because help to juggle all the things you need to do isn’t there, and some very important things do fall through the cracks.

June 1st of  2017 I launched a radio station, somewhat accidentally. I was planning on doing so in the fall and prepared a facebook page to launch later in the fall when I had done my due diligence and a lot of research. However, somehow the page ended up self publishing without my knowledge and the messages started to come in. People were wondering what I was doing. So when I told them it wouldn’t be for a while, many jumped to help and are still helping. We grew from having 3 main DJ’s to now 6 months later, having 16 shows and more DJ’s than you can shake a stick at. We are really just beginning the journey. The radio station has taken a lot of my time. It has been worth it for many of the indie artists that get free airtime. They have made sales and have increased their spins on other stations, spotify, and the like. But doing so has left me a bit behind in my own career. You just can’t juggle everything however hard I do try!

I signed with Rosner Management Services around the same time as the radio station launched. This has also been a world wind of activity to keep up with. Now that I have a management company backing me, I need another management company to help me manage that too! Yes its a running joke. As well as helping other artists, I will be on the Rise UP TV tour coming this spring. I am going to need some help with this as its costly to go on tour. So we will be having another fund raiser this winter to help pay for these expenses. Please if you can help me get out to Ontario and Quebec from NB. The Show will be broadcast in the fall of 2018. Watch our Sizzle Reel for more information. And thanks to all who are supporting us!

Even though the struggle is real, it is something that gets me up in the mornings, and keeps me up at night. As real as the struggle is the fire and passion that I have for what I do. Never let the struggle stop you. The struggle is designed to purify the gold that is in you.