Summer Wrap Up And News!

Its been one heck of an awesome musical summer! I have to say I have never been so busy with music …. ever! I have been playing with a lot of great artists throughout the Fredericton area and have been part of some wonderful festivals. I have met so many new people it would make your head spin. The great part of this musical journey is the folks that walk into your life that you may never have met otherwise. This past weekend we played full out with my new group Carla and Family Tradition ( Fred Meyers and Wayne Hachey). We were in Minto, Clarks Corner and Cambridge Narrows NB. And as always I want to express my deep appreciation to those who supported in any way that they could. You are the ones that help keep music alive.

We are now booking into the fall and the new year with both Carla and Family Tradition as well as Ferris Bonnell and McNeill. I am very blessed to be a part of these two awesome groups. I am personally ramping up to get ready for the big Rise Up TV show tour that will start filming in May 2018 which when you think about it, its not that far away! Especially if the winter passes as fast as this summer does. Lets hope it feels like that. I’m not looking forward to being snowed in.

If you would like information on how you can sponsor me on this tour, please get in touch with me. If your a business you will have your name plastered all over the place by attaching yourself to my little wagon. Ta for now!


Carla and Family Tradition

The Hollywood Star Room August 26th 2017