Resurrected from the Pit

They say if its worth having, its worth fighting for. There has definitely been a war going on as far as a music career goes. I am lucky to have such a wonderful support system. This has been a crazy year. A temporary move from Ontario to New Brunswick has created both amazing opportunities for friendships and unforgettable memories, but it has brought some serious financial difficulties. When I first arrived I was armed with equipment and my axes, full of energy and vision to keep the momentum up that I had worked so hard to attain in Ontario. The typical New Brunswick Brick Wall was hit and hit hard. All I have left now, from just trying to survive is some very solid friendships ( Thank God!) and my guitars. I swore I would never lose my tools of the trade, but it happened. I can’t really think about it even now or I will literally wake up in the night in a panic knowing that these tools of the trade are gone.

I won’t give up or give in to the circumstances. Yes yes, it wears me down and I get very depressed at times, but then the Holy Ghost second and third and tenth wind comes and infuses me with ambition and hope again to continue on. That is where I find myself today. I am armed with a great deal of useful experience. The writer is always bombarded with ” real life issues” otherwise we would be less effective in our craft. Well no worries there! I have always got a good country folk song that I lived out completely to write for my wonderful listeners.

I was speaking to a friend of mine who called me today. I barely could speak because I lost my voice thanks to the lovely and generous virus that came my way last week, but I listened and listened good. She reminded me that I’m not alone. Artists goes through some really hard places. I think what makes it a little more challenging is when we can’t channel those experiencing into the craft in some creative way. That was my issue this year. I neither had time or energy when I did have the time to put thought to paper. I would then start worrying about not being able to finish the album that is has been ready and waiting in Ontario for print. I literally wore myself out this year trying to be all things. I won’t say to all people because I honestly was too busy just trying to keep a roof over my head, food on the table and pay the bills. Good country song right? A typical one for sure!

What changed? Probably not a whole lot, except this: I made a decision that I am not going to put all this on my shoulders all by myself anymore. I can’t. It won’t work. God has to because I cant. Took me long enough to figure that out. So I’m letting him do it and I’m just along for the ride. The album will be financed eventually. It will get done. In the meantime, I am going to do what makes my heart the happiest which is building relationships, telling stories and entertaining whenever He grants me the grace to continue.

In the meantime, I will get back to writing that book I promised myself I would do for way too many years. Stay tuned and be sure to share this page with your friends and folks.  Enjoy the show from Ringo’s last spring