Never give up

I  have had the good fortune to talk to a lot of local musicians and artists this summer. It broke my heart to hear of some of their stories of discouragement. The music industry isn’t the easiest industry to be in. People can be down right mean in every way imaginable. Thank goodness not eveyone is! I was able to share some of my experiences with those who were disillusioned. First of all there is no such thing as “stardom”. Its an illusion that we buy into. All we have is connection- human connection with one another. Music is the greatest relationship builder, first to your own soul, then to reach out to another’s soul.

On July 29th I released my very first official video for a track of my album ” The Liberator. This song means something very personal to me. As a Maritimer, for years I have always watched my friends and family move away to places westward for employment and better security. In the early days it was Ontario, in the latter years it has been out west. There are many reasons why our economy is the way it is, but you would really need to read an indepth history book on our region to completely understand it, our you will just end up having a surface understanding that is biased and untrue. I believe there are many people relating to the message in this video. We are almost to 500 views in only 3 days. Keep sharing! It was produced by Manee Osman and I would like to thank him publicly for doing such a fantastic job on a short budget!

I have been traveling alot this summer. I have a few days now where I can try and get my body back in shape from the demands I put on it. Maybe get the soft tissue injure in my shoulder and neck under control. Yes yes… repetitive motion injury from playing so much guitar and holding my arms out straight driving all the time haha. No compensation for me! I don’t come near to qualifying. We had a great time in New Brunswick with my band Small Town. We get together every chance we get when I’m in their area. They all live in New Brunswick and I live in Ontario. But we make it work. We didn’t even have a chance to practice so we went on stage cold. After a slow start on Friday night at the Gage Curling Club we lit the house on fire. We found our legs.


By the next night at the Hollywood Star Room we were ready to rock the house. We had Erynn Robichaud open for us and she warmed up the crowd in good shape. 14 year old Erynn sang her heart out and the crowd loved her. We had a special anniversary that night and also sold tickets on a basket of merch. We always have so much fun at the Hollywood Star Room its hard to shut it down and go home.

Once I returned to Ontario I didn’t have much time to recoup before heading to the Ontario Country Music Open (Contest). I was really considering just not going. I wanted to prepare for the Blind River (Rocking on the River) Festival. But I chose to go with the thoughts I wouldn’t make the semi’s. Unfortunately I did hahaha. Murphy’s law! Although I am thankful for the opportunity. There were about 200 people there and they seemed to be very responsive to the classic country I tend to play. I did have a lot of fun! Got to see some old friends too!

I took off after the event and went to bed to get up and head three and a half hours west to play at the Blind River Festival. What a great bunch of people there too! I had a blast! If your going to be exhausted, be exhausted living life to the fullest!!.

12 hours of playing and being on the road I came back to Callander Ontario to compete in the finals. I made 9th place. I was happy with that because I knew Sunday I could SLEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!


So what’s up this week? Heading to Moose Factory Ontario then returning from there to head to Sault Saint Marie to start pre production for the new album. After that its back to New Brunswick to play the last gigs of the summer down there with Joan Kennedy, and some awesome other local people! ( Dale and Lorraine Krall, Macey Jenkins, Josleyn and Jolene, Terry Ferris and more!). If you had of asked me last summer what the next year would have brought I wouldn’t never have been able to imagine what has come to me with hard work and perseverance and a little business knowledge. Don’t give up. Just do it.