Making Your Mark

Its been quite some time again since I had a few moments to add to the blog. Say Blog a few times, it can get weird in your head. Doesn’t sound like a real word after a while! But that’s besides the point. I was avoiding by attempting to distract you on that word and I apologize. A lot has been going on in my corner of the world. Moving from house to house, job to job, just like a true gypsy I guess.  At the same time I have a few projects on the go. It occurred to me in the last adventure I found myself on, that I have more pens in my arsenal to make a mark with than I thought I did.

I decided to take a leap of faith and do something fantastic for myself: SELF INVEST. Many of us in the music world seem to want others to invest in us, but we are a little hesitant to invest in areas we may be unsure in. That’s normal and it comes with confidence in our abilities to discern the unknown and sometimes we have to re-learn what we once thought was solid fact. Things are changing all the time, yet there are some things have a stronghold in certain areas. Some of us throw up our hands in despair and quit, while others wander around hoping to find the light switch. We read and research and still haven’t a clue how to put things into action and if we do, we question whether it is a worthwhile endeavor or our time and our money.

I thought I would leave some tips for those who are hungry to make their mark in whatever it is they choose to do.

Be Open

Don’t put yourself in a position of being right all the time. How often I hear people say ” well that’s not how we do it, or used to do it”. Stay flexible in your thought process.  Keep you mind open to hear new ideas that fit what you want to do and learn something you didn’t know. The best teacher is a student because it forces you to pay attention to the smallest of details. Life is fluid and we need to be fluid in our thought process as well.

Embrace the Screw Ups

Many of us think that failure is a bad thing. Failure is your best teacher because if your adverse to negativity in anyway, you will make sure your failure next time becomes a success. It would be sad if you quit after failure. Failure can be your best friend and create in you valuable wisdom that you would not have been able to get being successful.

Its Not About the Money

Maybe yes…maybe no. Money is a tool, its a thing. Its the way we exchange in our society. Making money is a SYMBOL of VALUE placed on a service or good. Our ideas about what money symbolizes limits us one way or the other. And perhaps its not about money, its about your limited belief system of your inherent value in the world of exchange. Its not a bad thing to give. Give what you desire to give and stop when it moves from freely giving to a place of feeling like your being taken advantage of. The most simple concept is often the one that is the hardest to put into practice.

and lastly….


No matter what you choose to do in life, your attitude its everything. Sometimes you may get the ” gig” on skill, but you will continue to get the call backs and your name comes up first when you have the skill and the manners! No one wants to deal with a diva. When you are selling any product or service, your not selling the thing, you are selling yourself. Are you trustworthy, understanding, knowledgeable, and flexible? This keeps you top in people’s minds. They will forget the product in time but they will always remember their interaction with you.


And that’s all she wrote as they say here in NB. Just my thoughts for today. I hope it was helpful.