Loving the Adventure

My last blog was about coming out of a pit. I think I’m half way up the rock wall right now. Happily we are having a blizzard in New Brunswick Canada and that makes me feel safe strangely enough. Because I know the world is going to be busy dealing with natural ” disasters” and they will leave me the heck alone for a bit. So I’m looking forward to being unnoticed for a couple of days.

I do love the adventure of my life. Sometimes it can wear you down pretty quick but its so good to get to that place where you can look back and say ” Thank God I’m not there anymore”. It gives you a hope for the future. Those who know me personally know that I have a relationship with my Creator. So He gets all the credit and the thanks for all good things in my life. I even love watching myself getting older because I giggle to myself of how ” wise” I have become. I would never wish to be a teenager again. Youth is cool when your there, but I wouldn’t want to repeat it. I love where I am at. I love the succession of one event after the other.

There is a cool place you get as you get older. You find your place. You know who you are. The creative process returns to expression for expressions sake and not to impress or to ” get to success”. Success is right where you are at doing what your doing and being who you are. That’s my tidbit of wisdom for today.