Major Radio Push and Official Video

The Last Train has been chosen for an international radio campaign by the Berkshire Media Group out of Los Angeles. Please visit my main page and click the REQUEST RADIO button on the right hand side of the page. The first 5 links are specific to the campaign. You can also listen to the Last Train on my page if you are not familiar with it yet. I am hoping it will be well received by those who listen to these radio stations. You can help make that happen.

I am also very excited to let you know that the OFFICIAL VIDEO for the Last Train will begin being story boarded within the next couple of weeks!! This is my first time in doing a professional music video and I am very excited to share the process with you with videos and pictures on this blog! Stay tuned! And thank you again for our love and support!!

The Birth of Something from Nothing

Local artists are a cool group of people for the most part. We like to support each other in our local gigs whenever we can. It becomes like a marriage, a family, a close knit circle of sorts. I decided to go hear for the first time a local group that I have been following for a few years, The Johnny Cash Tribute Band. I first heard them on Reverbnation when I lived Timmins, ON. I finally had a chance to go see them live. I headed over to a wonderful coffee shop located in Sturgeon Falls, about 20 minutes out of my home city of North Bay. The lead singer, Brian, asked me if I wanted to join him singing Jackson. I had never attempted to sing the song before. I was a bit scared to say yes, because I knew I never sang the song before, and wasn’t super familar with it. I didn’t want to mess his show up. We did all right and even surprised ourselves. We had never sang together before and didn’t know what to expect. There was no practice, no preparation. We just hopped up and did it. The crowd that was there seemed to really enjoy it! Maybe someday we will get a chance to do it again. Here’s cheers to you Brian. You are a wonderful individual with a huge stage presence. Something you think you have nothing to offer, but by saying yes when your scared to, ” something is birthed out of nothing”

What a Showcase!

It was my honor to play for the second year in a row the January 2015 New Brunswick Country Music Showcase at the Playhouse Theater in Fredericton , New Brunswick. I was happy to be joined by my partner in musical crime, Debbie McCann. We have a group called Kindred Hearts which also includes Ray Dunham on base. We play together whenever we can get the gigs and I am back kicking up some dirt in my home province.

While I was away, performing at various venues and dodging huge snow storms down home, the Liberator has been making tracks on radio throughout the country. I am so elated to be able to share with you that CIBL 101.5 FM Montreal has listed my as the number 1 album for the week last week of January into the first week of February. I want to say thank you to the listeners in Montreal for blowing my mind. THANK YOU! Hitting the charts in Kamloops, Burnaby, Montreal and Kingston has proven to me the music of the people is still wanted, needed and craved for in our land. Thank you all for inspiring me to continue on with songwriting and making good music for you all. I’m working on material for a third album this fall with producer Paul Milner in PEI so if you have some ideas you would like to hear in song, shoot them off to me! I would be happy to incorporate them. I hope you enjoy our performance in the video. God Bless!




Extended Bio

Canadian recording artist Carla Bonnell brings depth, diversity and colourful storytelling into play with her songwriting talents, that touch on folk, blues, country, bluegrass and roots elements that fuse together to become her special and unique contribution to the music scene. As a singer-songwriter, Bonnell wears her heart on her sleeve, which is channeled through her lyrics that express universal themes that everyone can relate to.


As a follow-up to her 2013 Nashville recordings, an inspirational Country release called “Back To You”, Carla felt a calling to go back to her roots in the Maritimes and craft a very earthy collection of songs and record in the region where her and her musical family have flourished, for many generations. Thus her 2014 album release titled “Liberator” was recorded in Nova Scotia and produced by journeyman east coast performer J.P. Cormier (Jimmy Rankin, Rita McNeil). The album is a testament to her tenacity to be herself and share her thoughts and stories with fan base that has grown in various regions of Canada via her live performances in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, including the “New Brunswick Country Music Showcase” concert series. Carla Bonnell has performed with band members of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison on some of these select tour dates, who embraced her natural talent and stage energy, as well as live performance collaborations with Juno Award winner Lawrence Martin.


With numerous radio interviews and air play for her Nashville release, Bonnell is poised to take her career to a new level with a national radio campaign for “Liberator” and live performances in the cities that embrace the new release where she is already charting #8 on Ontario Radio stations.


Carla Bonnell has always given back to her local communities by performing benefit concerts, even if it means travelling great distances to do so. She has recently been recognized in her hometown of Minto, NB on the “Minto Country Music Wall of Fame” alongside many NB Country music hall of fame inductees.


Radio personality Brent Buchanan, Morning Show Host, Country KHJ says, “Carla really hit a homer with this new CD. You can relate to every song, and that’s what Country Music is all about right, Way to go Carla””


Carla inspires her fans with her honesty and integrity and is currently writing new material for her upcoming 2015 album release. Bonnell is focused on bringing her music to new audiences and is booking her 2015 tour and applying to select music industry showcases, to achieve her vision of spreading her musical wings into theatres, select house concerts and premiere listening rooms across the country.fav